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Our aim is to tweet reviews of fragrances every day that give a good description of the scent, and fit as much information as possible into ONE tweet. 140 characters as a limit. Sometimes that can be very hard, and other times it's so easy you just need a line. Depends on the scent!

This blog is an archive for the tweets. We didn't want them to disappear into the void once they fall off the timeline and so this is where we put them. As the twitter feed is the main part of the project, the blog oftentimes falls back in priorities.

Reviews are supplied by Nick, Tom of The Candy Perfume Boy, and Lila of Basenotes and Olfactory Events.

We are happy to receive samples for review. Please contact Nick on nrgilbert@live.co.uk
- Sending samples does not guarantee review, although we will aim to do so.

- Sending samples does not guarantee a positive review. Our opinions are just that.

- Samples will only be used for review.